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Chemex 8 Cup Classic Coffee Maker

Chemex 8 Cup Classic Coffee Maker


A classic pour over brewer, the Chemex produces deliciously clean brews and will spiff up your counter top in its down time. Known for its iconic design and the clean, sediment-free coffee it yields, the Chemex 6 Cup Coffee Maker is the perfect mixture of style and chemistry. The eight cup model can make up to 40 ounces of coffee and is perfect for brewing for up to 5 people.


• Simple function and visual elegance combine for the optimum extraction of full rich-bodied coffee.

• This hourglass shaped flask is made entirely of the highest quality, non-porous Borosilicate glass, a chemically inert material that does not absorb odors or chemical residues.

• Capacity: 40 oz

• Has no moving parts and will work forever, unless it is dropped or in some other way destroyed.

• Also available in 10 cup, 6 cup, and 3 cup volumes.

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