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Where it all began...

In 2014, the Ozark Coffee Company was born

It all started with a passion of roasting coffee. From humble beginnings to the beautiful Probat we have today in our roastery, roasting has always been a passion of ours. In 2014, we decided to bring our passion to the public with our first appearance at the Sedalia Farmer's Market. Here, we came to know you and which coffees made you smile.

Eventually we understood that not only did people want to take coffee home, they also wanted coffee to drink at the Farmer's Market. Here is where the creation of our most popular drink "The Original" started. Your enthusiasm with this drink is how we knew that we needed to open a coffee café!

"Our mission is to provide a friendly, up-building service that brings our community together in a quiet, peaceful setting while enjoying specialty coffee made available to us through the intense labor of our neighbors from around the world."

-Ozark Coffee Company

Roasting Beginnings

Meet our first Roastery

This is where our passion began.


Our First Shop...

November 2016 in Sword's Pharmacy

Our first store! Right here in Sword's family pharmacy. This is where we started our passion for creating craft espresso beverages. We decided to go all in and start our first shop and see how it went. With an overwhelming response, we knew it was time to create our own shop one year later. 



2017 on 2nd Street, we have our own space!

Here we started our passion for serving specialty coffee with professional equipment to you! We became the coffee shop we always wanted to be here on 2nd Street. From Nitro Cold brew to craft Latte's, we honed our craft. And just like the first shop, and because of your unwavering support, we new we needed a bigger space! 

The Final 

Shop & Roastery

Meet our current day shop and roastery

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