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Baratza Sette™ Series Espresso Grinders

Baratza Sette™ Series Espresso Grinders


The Baratza Sette™ espresso grinders- true, you can use it to grind fresh coffee beans for your V60 pourover, but it's primarily designed to be your favorite home espresso grinder. All three models boast the Etzinger 40mm Steel S1 burrs made in Liechtenstein and guaranteed to last. (For courser grinding, you can purchase the S2 burrs, which easily switch out in 30 seconds with no tools!)


Features of all 3 models:

• Etzinger 40mm steel S1 espresso burrs

• Digital LED control panel

• Powerful DC motor for cool, high-torque efficiency

• 3.5 - 5.5 g/sec grind speed

• 250g bean hopper; 160g grounds hopper

• No-tool burr removal for easy cleaning

• Available S2 burrs for broader grinding options

• 1-year Baratza warranty (parts, labor, & shipping!)


Sette™ Series Comparison:

Sette™ 30

• 31 steps of grind adjustment

Sette™ 270

• 270 steps of grind adjustment

• Time adjustment to .01 second

• Save 3 individual dose preferences


Sette™ 270Wi

• 270 steps of grind adjustment

• Grind-by-weight automatic dosing

• Acaia high precision built-in scale

• Bluetooth app update connectivity


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