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Smartfruit Perfect Peach WS

Smartfruit Perfect Peach WS


Smartfruit™ Perfect Peach 100% fruit blend starts with the freshest, healthiest, and juiciest peaches harvested at the peak of ripeness. Next we bring all that juiciness to our Brooklyn NYC facility where they are combined with our blend of Ashawaganda and B Vitamins to help you fight off fatigue and give you the sustained energy you need to conquer your day. Mix, Blend, Shake, Freeze, Share, Love Smartfruit™ Perfect Peach and perfect your day.

  • Info:

    • No Added Sugar
    • Gluten Free

    • Shelf stable

    • 100% Juice

    • Made in USA

    • 3 Fruit Servings

    • No artificial colors

    • No artificial preservatives

    • Non-GMO verified

    • Fat Free

    • Vegan







  • Ingredients:

    8 Peaches



    And NO Added Sugar!

  • Directions:



    For a refreshing & nutritious beverage, mix 1 part Smartfruit with 4-5 parts water




    • Pour 4 oz into blender
    • Add 4 oz water or milk
    • Blend with 16 oz cup of ice & enjoy!


    You can also use Smartfruit as a garnish, or to enrich your favorite desserts and frozen treats

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