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Smartfruit Blooming Berry WS

Smartfruit Blooming Berry WS


Can you smell the sweet smell of blooming berries filling the crisp air? Well, we took the liberty of bottling it up for you. Smartfruit™ Blooming Berry is a delicious medley of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries blended into perfect balance and harmony.  Each bottle is brimming with 20 strawberries, 80 raspberries and 280 blueberries. Prepared in small batches in Brooklyn New York, we carefully crafted this product to actually taste like the delicious fruit you see pictured on the bottle. Finally we boosted each bottle with some natural antioxidant goodness derived from superfruits such as acai, goji, acerola, and maqui berries. Just mix with H2O or ice for a refreshing all natural juice or smoothie.

  • Info:

    • No Added Sugar
    • Gluten Free

    • Shelf stable

    • 100% Juice

    • Made in USA

    • 3 Fruit Servings

    • No artificial colors

    • No artificial preservatives

    • Non-GMO verified

    • Fat Free

    • Vegan







  • Ingredients:

    280 Blueberries
    20 Strawberries
    80 Raspberries


    And NO Added Sugar!

  • Directions:



    For a refreshing & nutritious beverage, mix 1 part Smartfruit with 4-5 parts water




    • Pour 4 oz into blender
    • Add 4 oz water or milk
    • Blend with 16 oz cup of ice & enjoy!


    You can also use Smartfruit as a garnish, or to enrich your favorite desserts and frozen treats

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